Contractor Management



Too many vendors and contractors with inconsistent rates, terms, and conditions? Not sure if your contractor who’s on a PSA (Personal/Professional Service Agreement) has WCB or the right insurance coverage?

Let us help you consolidate and develop an efficient yet cost effective way to manage your contractors and recruitment vendors.

Many companies experience one or more of the following challenges:

  • Unknown number and value of contracts
  • Negotiations conducted without negotiation expertise
  • Being on vendors terms and conditions
  • Cumbersome workflow process
  • Overcharges on payments
  • Expired contracts without anyone noticing


Benefits of our Contractor Management services are highlighted below:

  • Significant Cost Savings
  • Centralized Point Of Contact
  • Consolidated Invoicing/Single Invoice
  • Consistency In Rates Across All Departments, Divisions And Locations
  • Standardized contracts and service agreements
  • WCB and Insurance coverage for all contractors
  • Arms length
  • Contractors renewals and terminations
  • PSA (Personal/Professional Services Agreement) conversion
  • Process efficiency
  • Payroll service